Taxi service in Aqaba is available 24/7, you can hail a taxi off the street or have your hotel/local agent arrange it for you. Usually taxi drivers wear a blue shirt.

Taxi fees are usually set by meter (requiered by law), although taxi drivers will charge differently based on distination as they consider a round trip fee. What you are expcted to pay for a taxi serive in Aqaba:

  • inside the market area: 1JD
  • Between market area and residential area: 2JD
  • South beach (either way): 7JD
  • Tala Bay: 7JD
  • Araba Crossing: 10JD
  • Aqaba Airport: 10JD
  • Saudi Border: 15JD
  • Wadi Rum: 35JD
  • Petra: 55JD