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How safe is night life in Aqaba?

Aqaba is considered the safest city in Jordan if not The Middle East, there are always police patrol across the city, also having a police mini station on the main streets and heavy density tourist areas helps keep you safe. night life is considered to be safe, again it is advised not to go into shady places anywhere when you travel abroad.

For emergincies you can always call 911, and assistants usually gets to you within 5 minutes.

Is there a dress code in Aqaba?

Aqaba is a costal tourist city, there are no rules that govern what you can and cannot wear in public, be advised that public nudity is prohibited by law.

women and men can wear casual and beach clothing in public, although it is advised that during the month of Ramadan some descrition is advised. Culturally it is frawned upon for men to be walking in the street bear chested or for ladies to be walking arounf in their bikini.

When entering a mosque also be advised that proper clothing is a must.